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Hello, It’s lovely to have you on board.

I want to say a HUGE personal thank you for choosing to subscribe and be part of my community. I know your time is extremely valuable, so thank you.

In this first edition, I’ll be covering three things:

  1. Are Mobile Phones GDPR Compliant?

  2. Do You Enjoy Calorie-free Cookies?

  3. Thriving in Your Business

Are Mobile Phones GDPR Compliant?

The European Commission will soon publish a proposal for a new law which will make the interception of *ALL* digital communication mandatory. So all our messages and communication will be analysed and monitored. This is tied to the ongoing debate over whether it’s better for digital communication to be intercepted if it helps to keep children safe online and if it reduces the risk of online crime but does this mean we will lose total control of our privacy?

Our mobile phones contain vitally important information about our customers and prospects so we need to remember to adequately protect our mobile devices. Freelancers or business owners who use their personal phones for business, need to take action to address this. Having two separate phones is a small step towards demonstrating GDPR compliance. It actually shows your customers and your prospects that you are taking GDPR and data protection seriously.

After spending years as a Privacy Professional, I’ve now adopted a “Take Three Takeaways” approach to GDPR and data protection compliance:

  1. What are the privacy risks eg. With using mobile phones for business, using mobile devices for business, with using the personal data we collect to run our business?

  2. What can I do to eliminate the risks eg. Only hold limited personal data on my phone, and restrict access to my phone.

  3. Talk to three people eg. Find out what your business colleagues are doing to manage privacy risks.

If I can encourage you to think about privacy risks and then take steps to eliminate those risks and eventually talk to others to raise awareness and find out what they’re doing to manage privacy and data protection risks, I’m proving that I can empower you to take small steps towards demonstrating GDPR compliance.

2. Do You Enjoy Calorie-free Cookies?

Businesses are hungry for our personal data and the use of website cookie tracers feeds into this. The deposit of cookies makes provision for websites to collect information about the website user such as his age, his location or his web browsing habits. The general practice is that users are informed of this via a pop-up Cookie Banner and a Cookie Policy.

As a general rule, website owners offer website users access to a service or a resource in exchange for personal data. However many freelancers or business owners are unable to answer key, specific questions about the website cookies on the websites that they actually own. As a business owner with a website, think carefully about the personal data that your website is collecting.

On the other hand, many website users – ie. your clients or prospects – need to know what data you’re collecting, why you’re collecting it, and they’ll want to know about the individual rights they have over the data you are collecting from them.

At least in the UK and Europe, privacy legislation requires us to ensure that our websites have a Privacy Notice and a Cookie Notice. Each document explains how data is handled by the website owner.

For more information about cookies, visit For information about privacy notices, visit

3. Thriving in Business

We are the creators of our business success and I really love working with lots of ambitious, creative and passionate business owners because you want to take a front seat in using creative solutions to lead a positive change – and perhaps you have a focus on specific Communities That Matter too.

I want my services to be truly accessible to businesses and communities that matter. Why? Because I can help you create a thriving business that others can trust because you are able to reassure your prospects and clients that:

• You’re building a brand that values and respects privacy

• You’re building a brand that prioritises the protection of customers’ valuable data

• You’re building a brand that is future-proof

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