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Award-winning GDPR and Data Protection Services











For those business owners who are serious about using AI and data protection to showing their customers that they have a BIG commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation.


The ambitious business owners looking to take next-level action to use AI, data and technology to grow and scale their business.


You will need our award-winning free 1:1 AI and Data Protection consultation service to pick up tips on the quick wins – allowing you to easily stay on the right side of the law on a small budget.

This focused consultation session is for ambitious, action-taking small businesses who are looking to instantly improve their AI implementation and their data protection compliance.

It’s time to become the energized business owner who uses AI and  data to achieve growth.

Bring your biggest and most ambitious business growth goals and we will create intentional AI and Data Protection actions that will support your plans to grow and scale your business

Award-winning GDPR and Data Protection 121 Consultations
121 GDPR Date Protection Consultation
Health Check GDPR Date Protection
Award-winning GDPR and Data Protection Business Health Checks

AI &


Health Check

The award-winning evaluation tool that invites you into a world where AI implementation and Data Protection become easier for you to manage.  A world where you have quick and timely access to clear and practical AI and Data Protection advice.


The AI and Data Protection Health check will be carried out during our Power Hour sessions which will give you personalized advice to help you grow your business safely online.

The AI and Data Protection Health Check and the Power Hour sessions will elevate your business!  This will be a safe space to discuss your AI and Data Protection concerns where you will receive structured guidance and advice to help you move forward.  You will feel reassured and relieved about AI and you will feel revived and energized to grow your business safely online.




Forget about trying to find AI use cases and data protection answers online!  Our bite-sized training sessions are designed around the specific AI and data protection questions that you have.  You will get the most out of these sessions if you prepare a long list of questions in advance.


If you are an ambitious, action-taking freelancer or business owner you know that you NEED training, professional development and purpose to start your business, grow your business and take it to the next level in a world that is all about using AI and handling data under data protection rules.  GRC can offer you fantastic award-winning customised training that will deliver a game-changing impact.  GRC provides training and support in pursuing its purpose of tackling business owners’ fundamental needs to navigate through AI and data protection with intention and purpose so you can do business safely and securely.


Throughout the training sessions, you will be encouraged to be yourself and feel safe sharing your AI and data protection concerns and GRC will find a solution for you.  GRC will guide you on how to take practical steps to help you as an aspiring business owner who is committed to building a sustainable business that implements AI safely, ethically and responsibly.

Award-winning GDPR and Data Protection Training
GDPR & Data Protection Training
Events GDPR Date Protection Training
Award-winning GDPR and Data Protection Services





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